We are your local, independently owned pharmacy.

We are your local, independently owned pharmacy.

We are here to serve our community with all of your healthcare needs.


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Anthony B. Bondi PharmD

I graduated with my Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2009. I knew that my empathetic and caring demeanor, as well as my interest in math and the sciences, made me well suited for being a pharmacist that would help others with their healthcare needs. I managed a chain pharmacy in a rural town for a few years in between getting my PharmD and starting my own business. I enjoyed the small town, but did not see eye to eye with the chain structure and policies. I knew that retail pharmacy was the place for me and that the best fit was going to be running my own pharmacy. I've always put my patient's healthcare first. I've always did my best to provide for my family, staff, and community the things that were needed as well.

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The perfect place.

I began working on Lacombe Family Pharmacy in 2012 with the help of my wife, family, and friends. After some rough roads to get the business opened, I was able to open the doors in May of 2013 to the small community of Lacombe, Louisiana. Lacombe accepted me with open arms. I have been blessed with the support that I have received from everyone and plan on giving that same support to those in need when possible.

My plan is simply to serve the Lacombe community with all of their healthcare needs for many years to come. .

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Serving the community.

The services I provide this community goes beyond pharmacy. I want to help our local community leaders get things done for the community of Lacombe when I can. I want to make sure small things that make big impacts, like Christmas lights, continue each year for all to enjoy. I want to promote and associate other businesses in Lacombe to work and communicate with each other in order to better provide for the wonderful community we serve. I want to give to local and statewide charitable organizations that help those living in the local area. I will continue to give back to the community that has given so much to me in order to maintain the rich culture that Lacombe is known for, to provide for those in need, and to keep those in this community happy and healthy.

The Pharmacy Staff

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Carol is a Lacombe resident who has been working as a pharmacy technician in Lacombe since Muller's. She helped set up Lacombe Family Pharmacy initially and is an integral part of our team. She knows all aspects of retail pharmacy and compounding pharmacy. She is here to help you with any of your healthcare needs.

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Heather is a Lacombe resident that trained to become a pharmacy technician right here at Lacombe Family Pharmacy. She has picked up on retail pharmacy operations quickly and continues to help our patients with much more than standard pharmacy services. She is here to help you with any of your healthcare needs.

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Karen & Faith

Faith is training to be a pharmacy technician and receives her onsite hours through Lacombe Family Pharmacy. We are happy to have had multiple students train at our facility from accredited colleges in our area.

Karen is our staff pharmacist. She began her career in pharmacy at Muller's where she trained and graduated with her PharmD. She has been a pharmacist for many years, even as a Pharmacist-In-Charge at a chain pharmacy. She is thorough in her medication and prescription review. She is here for your medication safety and questions related to pharmacy, as well as any other healthcare needs.